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    Samsung Note 9 will be folding

    Samsung more than a year working on bendable displays and smartphones based on them, and she even has a lot of relevant patents, it will soon begin to use. The first bendable mobile phone may well become the flagship business-class Note 9, the release of which is expected in the summer of next year.

    Samsung is already working on a new 9 Note, although the Note 8 at the end of the summer, haven’t even went on sale. In its current form the mobile phone does not represent anything interesting, being little more than an enhanced version of the April S8, and since Apple has shown really original and unusual iPhone X, Samsung will have to offer something new and fresh.

    Work on bendable Samsung Note 9 remains considerable, it is necessary not only to make a smartphone can be folded in half, it also will require enhanced reliability – it should not explode in his hands at random moments of time, as did the mobile-extremist Note 8 model last year. We add that the Samsung S9 will be released in the beginning of 2018, plus Samsung is already working on its own smart column with support bought of Harman & Kardon.

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